Thursday, December 26, 2013

DIY Breathe blend recipe

Here is a recipe for a DIY Breathe essential oil.  You can double, triple ect the recipe as you want to. Be sure to shake good for a few minutes and cap into a dropper bottle, and label well.  If you will be using this blend on Children, be sure to use Eucalyptus Radiata instead of Eucalyptus Globulus!

DIY Breathe blend

30 drops Ravensara
45 drops Eucalyptus Globulus (use Eucalyptus Radiata for children)
18 drops Lemon
16 drops Tea Tree or melaleuca
10 drops Laurel Leaf
5 drops peppermint

Put drops into an empty clean EO dropper bottle. Cap and shake for 2 minutes. Label and its ready to use!

The cost breakdown is as follows

using Eucalyptus Radiata from Aura Cacia, Lemon, Tea Tree, Peppermint from NOWfoods oils, and t he Ravensara and Laurel Leaf from amazon

$6.19 for a 15 ml bottle of DIY breathe blend! Wow! What a cost savings!!!


  1. I really appreciate how you make note for uses on children.

  2. I really appreciate how you make note for uses on children.

  3. Thank you! My daughter goes through at east 2 $30 bottles from doTERRA in the winter months. I'm going to try this and see if it keeps her asthma at bay the way dodoTERRAoes. Thanks so much!

  4. Which brand did you buy from amazon? I use the aura cacia, but they don't make the ravensara or the laurel leaf. Thanks!!!!

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    2. YOU might want to check out the online source of FLORIHANA - a French company that has excellent high end oils. In France, Doctors and Medical community actually prescribe essential oils for health issues. So this company has all the certifications you need or could want to prove they are the best I have seen so far! They are really inexpensive , but shipping makes up for it. I usually order several oils from them to make it worth it. I Now I have a friend who orders with me and we split shipping! Here's the USA site ;

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  6. I have all but the Laurel leaf. Do you think it would still work okay?

  7. I have an allergy to Eucalyptus. Do you have a recommendation for something I could substitute for Eucalyptus and help this work just as well?